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    Salient Features:
    1.Rational drafting system, compact driving system, higher speed, perfect sliver guiding mechanism and advanced cleaning system.
    2.Mechanical stop and eight-channel photoelectric.
    3.Top cleaning adopts floating metal bar or rotary flannelette. Technical specifications:

    Range of Application Fiber length up to 76mm combed and carded cotton, chemical fiber and blends
    Number of Delivery Two
    Output Speed 311~700m/min
    Doubling 6~8
    Roller Dia. Top Roller ¢37 ¢37 ¢37mm
    Bottom Roller ¢45 ¢30 ¢30mm
    Drafting System 3 over 3 double zone curvilinear drafting system with upholding pressure bar
    Total Draft (between 1st and 3rd rollers) 5.427~9.849
    Can Size Input ¢400 ¢500 ¢600 ¢800 ¢900 ¢1000mm Height 900 or 1100mm
    Output ¢350 ¢400 ¢500mm Height 900 or 1100mm
    Feeding Form Individual sliver pressure roller overhead creel lengthwise positive feeding in synchronous drive
    Main Motor 3.5Kw
    Power of suction blower 1.5Kw

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